GAME-RANDOMLY what is it?

GAME-RANDOMLY is a very simple game with instant withdrawals.
Thanks to absolutely simple rules and a great opportunity to get a win, the popularity of GAME-RANDOMLY is constantly and constantly growing.
At the very moment while you are reading these lines, using the random selection method (random number algorithm), tens and hundreds of participants become winners in a fully automated process.
Extremely simple and understandable rules enable each participant to increase their funds almost without difficulty, and many of the advantages and features that we provide make our game a real mega hit.
In GAME-RANDOMLY, bots are completely absent - all games take place between real people.
Forget about online casinos and various investment Internet projects!
Like many of our players leave it all in the past!
With GAME-RANDOMLY, your time has come - time to play honestly, win a lot, receive instantly!


In order to start making profits, you don’t need to study the site for a long time, sort out the rules of the game, work out tactics and stick to any strategy.
Everything is extremely simple with us - registered, replenished the balance and go into battle - win and make a profit!
Registration is also extremely simple: choose a login (assuming no busy login) specify (and remember) the password.

Start Game

To start the game, go to your personal account and make a top-up balance of $ 1.
The amount of recharge will be displayed in your account in USD.
You have the opportunity to replenish your game balance and make withdrawals at any time and in any way possible.
All funds available to the participant are displayed in your account - the game balance in USD.


In GAME-RANDOMLY each user has the opportunity not only to participate in tournaments, win, but also to instantly receive the money earned.
When withdrawing funds, a Commission of 10% of the withdrawal amount is withheld. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.10.
We provide instant withdrawal (instant) in which the participant does not require approval for the withdrawal of funds from the Administration. Withdrawal of funds from the balance of the participant to the wallet is instantaneous after the verification of the account (confirmation code on the E-mail specified during registration).
Exceptions are circumstances not related to the Administration: the inaccessibility of the payment system, the failure of the payment system, the lack of necessary funds on the balance of the payment system.
In these cases, the payment processing can be carried out within 48 hours.

Payment details

Funds of the participant's game balance are constantly available for withdrawal to payeer, Perfect Money wallets. Before making a withdrawal, you should specify the number of Your wallet in the required payment system.
Be careful when specifying the details and do not make mistakes!
In order to ensure the security of Your funds (loss Of your credentials or hacking Your account), you can specify payment details only once. Changes without the participation of the Administration is not available!
Thus, no one except You can change the data specified by You. If For any reason you need to change the details, please contact our Support team. After checking the ownership of the account, You will be given short-term access to the change of data.

Referral program

In GAME-RANDOMLY there is a wonderful referral thanks to which each participant has the opportunity to receive additional income at the expense of new participants attracted to the game even without having their own positive balance.
Distribute Your referral link, use advertising banners and other promotional materials on various information platforms and are guaranteed to get a nice bonus of 5% of the amount of replenishment of the balance of Your referrals.
All funds received through the referral program are automatically credited to the player's balance.
Take advantage of the referral program you can even not having the funds to your gaming balance. In order to receive referral rewards, it is enough to be a registered participant.

General rules of the game

In GAME-RANDOMLY players choose the game room (the amount of bets in the tournament) and the game.
At the moment there are 5 game halls: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50.
In each game room there are two games with different rules of participation and winning.
The left field is a blue ENLARGE game and the right field is a red double game.
After selecting the game room and the game, the participant can join the already open game – take part in an existing tournament, or create their own tournament (in the absence of an existing active tournament).
Winners of the tournament are determined automatically without any participation of the administration or other influence from outside. The process of determining the winner is fully automated and devoid of human factor. All drawings are carried out by our random number generator, and unlike many similar projects, the winners immediately receive their winnings, which instantly enters the game balance and, accordingly, is available for withdrawal.
In GAME-RANDOMLY participate in games are only real real players. We are completely absent bots and non-existent accounts. We do not create fake accounts or make fake winners. You can verify this simply by looking at the information that each participant fills in the personal data. Any user of the game can always contact any player according to the data specified in the personal page of the player.


On the left side of the screen is a blue game ENLARGE. It is to the taste of people who prefer a more stable, but small profit. It is enough to win 11.11% of the bet.On the right side of the screen is a red double game. This game is for more gamblers who realize that there is an opportunity to lose, but it does not stop them because they are ready to fight for a profit of 100% of the bet.Tournaments start automatically once they are full the game places participants or at the end of the timer action of betting.
Number of winners in the standard tournament95
Percentage of bet increase in standard tournament+11.11%+100%
Maximum possible win of one slot in a standard tournament$ 5.55$ 50
the Time before the tournament is determined automatically based on the number of active participants5 minutes - 6 hours5 minutes - 6 hours
Number of personal bets (slots) in one tournamentUnlimitedUnlimited
in Case of incomplete filling of game places (slots) in the tournament by the end of betting(time on indicated on timer) the Tournament is held. The winnings are divided equally between the slots of the tournament winnersthe Tournament is held between an even number of slotsThe last bet of the slot is returned to the participant's balance
the option of cancelling the bet (to cancel the slot)in tournamentMissingMissing
Standard tournament means100% filling (slots) of game places

Can I create more than one account?

You can create any number of accounts if they are not linked by referral links. The referral program is designed to create additional income for investors who actively disseminate information about our activities, but at the same time we control the abuse of the terms of this program and in case of violation of these rules, violators can be blocked

game-RANDOMLY administration Revenue

When developing THE game-RANDOMLY, we were guided by the desire to create a simple, open and extremely honest game with easy rules and the ability to quickly win and receive funds.
We sincerely believe (moreover, the constant increase in the number of players is proof) that successfully coped with this task and our game is much more profitable and more attractive to participants than various types of hyip-projects and online casinos.
That is why we are sure that the Commission fee of 10% of the withdrawal amount is a reasonable fee for us both for the development of this game and ensuring stable operation with further development and improvement of the project's functionality.

Bonus program "GAME-RANDOMLY"

we Hope that You have read to the end of our rules, and it means that You are fully ready to take part in it. Try how simple and exciting our game.

Feel how fast and real is the opportunity to win and make a profit here.
Register and see for yourself that GAME-RANDOMLY is a really simple game with instant money withdrawal!

Last payouts

Transaction Date / time Payment system Amount
19 January 2020
$ 3.85
17 January 2020
$ 4.48
17 January 2020
$ 8.75
17 January 2020
$ 0.25
17 January 2020
$ 0.20
17 January 2020
$ 3.50
17 January 2020
$ 8.70
17 January 2020
$ 5.00
16 January 2020
$ 0.41
16 January 2020
$ 1.55

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